FFL Transfers

Inbound and Outbound FFL Transfers

Gadsden Arsenal is happy to help you with your inbound and outbound FFL Transfer needs. Whether you won an auction for a hard-to-find antique or need to ship a gun to a buyer’s gun shop out-of-state, Gadsden Arsenal has you covered.

The inbound transfer process is pretty simple and straightforward. The only thing the shipping FFL needs is a copy of our current FFL, upon receipt they should finalize the shipping process on their end. All inbound transfers need to be approved by us, prior to us releasing a copy of our FFL. This helps to ensure that we can begin an accurate tracking of your firearm in our inventory and be able to promptly notify you when we receive your firearm in-house.

*It is important to note, most major firearm retailers and auction sites have a current copy of our FFL on file. Most reputable sites will include an invoice and your contact information in the shipment, however, it is a good idea to reach out to us and let us know that we should be receiving a firearm on your behalf within a few business days.

Outbound transfers are just as simple, we will need a copy of the receiving shop’s current FFL, as well as the receiving customer’s information to include with the firearm. We will notify both you and the receiving FFL of the shipment’s tracking information.

Have any specific questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.