How To Buy A Silencer

So, you are looking for or wanting to buy a silencer/suppressor?! Owning one makes your firearms more enjoyable, overall. Whether you’re at the range or hunting coyotes the local farmer asked you to get rid of; you won’t want to miss an opportunity to own one!

The first step is deciding on price range and the firearm you would like to use it on.

Give me a call, and we can discuss the best options. I love talking cans, and I will try to get you the best bang for your buck. Silencers are similar to tools when it comes to quality and warranty; you get what you pay for. I try to sell the best price of silencer with a great warranty. I can also get any brand you may be looking for.

Once you have decided your budget and firearm for your can; you can go to to see a wide selection of silencers. If you find one you wish to own, and it is in stock online, I can order from there. If Silencer Shop does not have the option in stock, I can also order from 5 other distributors. You can also order directly from Silencer Shop, but I do recommend you contact me or come in to order; this can save you time and money. You may also find another silencer elsewhere or have a certain brand in mind; if this is the case, please contact me, and I’ll help you out!

When you are ready to come in and complete paperwork and fingerprints, you will need to decide on a few more things and register yourself on Please remember to bring your username and pin number.

There are two options when buying a silencer how to register it.

  1. Filing as an individual: This means you are the only one that possesses the silencer. You can let other people use it while you are around them, but they are not allowed to go elsewhere or take it without your presence. If, in the unfortunate situation that you die, the silencer will be transferred to the next of kin, the estate, or whomever you leave it to in your will. This will be a free Form 5 transfer, no $200 tax stamp.
  2. Completing a trust. I direct any customer that wants this to go to the website: I always recommend you as the settler of the trust, not anyone else, other than a beneficiary. Anyone on the trust, other than the beneficiary, has to be fingerprinted at the time of each silencer purchased and put on the trust. Regarding the notary option, you can chose the option of having no notary. You can add people later to the trust, if you wish.

Next, if you had me order the silencer or I have one in stock you wish to buy, you will have to pay in full the cost of the silencer, plus $200 Fed tax stamp prior to completing and filing the application. There is a serial number for each silencer, and this number must be submitted onto the application; this is the reason for the paid in full, plus $200 Fed tax stamp. This does mean the silencer is yours; however, you are unable to take it home with you then until the overlords of our government says it’s okay for you to have.

I realize this sounds like a lot, but please don’t get intimidated; I try to make it easy for you. If you have everything filled out on along with the information from that, it will take less than 30 minutes for you to be in and out the door…before your wife even realizes what you were doing. I am not responsible if it does take longer if we start to talk about other things…like other guns.

Let’s break it down:

  • Step 1 decide on the silencer and get it ordered and paid for.
  • Step 2 go to register your name and obtain your username and 4 digit pin.
  • Step 3 if you want to go the trust route, go to Buy your trust, fill it out, print it sign it, and attach a 1 dollar bill to it. Scan it back in as a pdf and email it to me at If you cannot scan it, bring it in when you can.
  • Step 4 come in, do fingerprints, take a photo, and submit the eforms paperwork.
  • Step 5 you will receive an email once submitted that has the CLEO form. You will print this off and take it to your local Sheriff’s office. They will not have you sign anything; you take it there and provide this to them, per ATF CLEO notification.
  • Step 6 the hardest part, other than forking over the cash, is the wait for the paperwork to come back approved. As of November 25, 2022, it is taking approximately 230 plus days for paperwork to come back approved. I would recommend you forgot that you bought it for a while. Once approved, you and I will both receive emails stating it’s approved. I receive the emails the same time as you, so if you haven’t received one, I haven’t either. It is a waiting game, so we just hope they speed things up this year.